5 Types of the Best Guitar for Beginners

Those who just intend to play guitar professionally, must have been looking for the best guitar trainer for them. If you so, you have to realize that playing guitar can’t be quick learned. It’s like a gym. The more often you do gym, and then your body will be fit. So do playing guitar, the more often you are practice, your skill will be better in each practice. Of course if supported by the best guitar for beginners will be better. The problem is most beginners don’t know which guitar that can be the best for them to play with. In fact, they often choose a guitar that build for advance in a music store. That’s not fully their fault. It can be caused by the shopkeeper that not refers the buyer to the proper guitar for beginners.

Then now you have to be smart when decide to buy the best guitar for beginners. It aims to achieve your goal to be a good guitar player. There are many type of guitar in music store. Without depends yourself to the shopkeeper, you can choose which proper guitar type for beginners. Here we will discuss those guitar types. Generally, there are five types of guitar that suitable for beginners, especially for those who just getting started to learn playing guitar. They are steel stringed acoustic guitar, Nylon stringed classical acoustic guitar, Electro acoustic guitar, semi acoustic electric guitar and then electric guitar. All those types of guitar that have been mentioned are built in standard strings and neck. Besides those types are made with customize string, neck and even the size or shape. Now let’s talk deeper to those types.

    Steel Stringed Acoustic Guitar

An acoustic guitar must be the best guitar for beginners. It’s because they sound naturally and really train your fingers. Moreover if the strings are steel, because the sounds that produced by the strings are loud and clear. The advantages of learn guitar with steel string is also because of the size. The size is thinner than nylon string, so your finger can easier to press on them without slip. Then, your fingers can easy step up on the strings and your ears will hear a loud and clear sounds of the guitar. That’s the reason why steel stringed acoustic guitar is included into the best guitar for beginners.

    Nylon Stringed Classical Acoustic Guitar

Although steel string is better for beginner, it doesn’t mean that all nylon stringed guitars are worse. For some reasons, nylon stringed classical acoustic guitar can be the best guitar for beginners. The reason is on its neck. This type of guitar has wider neck than the other types. Why the beginners have to learn with wide guitar neck? The aim is to habituate your hand muscle. Once your hand wonted with the wide neck, you will easy to play all guitar neck type. Vice versa, you will hard to play with a wide neck guitar if you wonted with narrow neck. That’s a simple reason but will give you a big impact in order to reach your goal as a professional guitarist.

    Electric-Acoustic Guitar

If seen from the shape, there are no differences between regular acoustic guitars with this type. The only different is can be plugged and not. As the name, an electric-acoustic guitar means that this guitar can be plugged into amplifier. And then why this type included into the best guitar for beginners? The sound produced is the reason why beginners should have this one. You must be already listened a music or watched live performance of acoustic music show. And then you must want to play that music. So, you have to play an electric-acoustic guitar in order to hear a sound of guitar that has been amplified.

    Semi Acoustic Electric Guitar

This type of guitar was found in 1930. The difference between semi acoustic electric and electric-acoustic is on the usage and the shape. If electric acoustic has a same shape with regular acoustic guitar, then this type has a unique shape. On it first appearance, the design of semi acoustic electric guitar was deliberately made different. It aims to differentiate with electric-acoustic guitar. It includes into the best guitar for beginners because the sound that produce is uniqueness different. Both when plugged or not, it sounds unique. For beginners’ expanded knowledge about guitar, they have to try this one.

    Electric guitar

Actually, it’s not highly recommended for beginners. But, they should try to play an electric guitar on the sidelines of their training. It is intended to feel the authenticity of the sounds. In case to be a professional guitarist, you should have a sensitive hearing. You should be able to differentiate the sounds of each guitar type. Once you have that ability, you will be easy to apply your skill in every guitar type. Electric guitar can be the best guitar for beginners if the usage is not often. It should be played on the sidelines of your training.

Those above are some types of the best guitar for beginners. In general, you can see that there are only two types of guitar. They are acoustic guitar and electric guitar. But you should know deeper about guitar types in order to choose the most appropriate for you. Moreover you are a beginner in playing guitar and just have a plan to buy a new guitar. You should have some high considerations when you decide to buy a new guitar.

Now you have knowledge about the guitar types. When you go to music shop, you must already know which guitar that you have to buy. To save your time and your money, it’s recommended for you to buy steel stringed acoustic guitar at first. Furthermore you are now attending guitar training. It’s because your trainer definitely will ask you to play with a steel stringed acoustic guitar. Finally, don’t be hesitating to choose the best guitar for beginners. You know your needs and then just choose one of those guitar types recommendations above.